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Stalling problems

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my 84 wagon would do the same thing, i was getting tired of 2 foot driving! take a can of carb cleaner and spray aroung vacuums, if there is a leak you'll know! my leak was a missing vacuum line on the top of the intake mani....still not sure where it's supposed to go so i plugged it and she quit stalling......oh i also had a split vac. line going to the EGR valve fixed that also......say ne one know where that line on the top rear of the intake manifold is supposed to go?

im going to agree with eagleluv, my buddy had the same thing when he got his 82' most likely you have a leak, for us it was the egr but could really be anything, just use carb cleaner to find the general area, when you spray it and the idle goes up that is where you wana start looking

Pack Rat:

--- Quote from: eagleluv on August 27, 2009, 12:20:06 PM ---say ne one know where that line on the top rear of the intake manifold is supposed to go?

--- End quote ---
If it's on the very back right close to the firewall it would be the vacuum for the TC switch unless someone plugged that in somewhere else. Should be a red hard line.

well it's on top of intake manifold very back, it has a t-fitting, one line was attached the other MIA, so i plugged the one and wow did the engine settle down, but no vacuum diagram shows this for 84?


--- Quote from: regalwizard on July 27, 2009, 01:20:01 AM ---*perks up* Really? Where would one get one of these magic kits & screens? If nothing else, it can't hurt to try! ;D

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Regalwizard, I don't think your question ever got answered.  I believe this is the magic kit that was referenced.


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