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My Eagle is a 1982 SX/4 Sport.  It was sold new on May 24, 1982 by Zimmerman AMC/Jeep/Renault located in Freeport, Illinois.  Sticker price was $10,480.00.  I purchased it last August, from the original owner for $1,000.  At that time it had just about 66,000 miles on it.  As far as I can tell the car has not had any mods done to it and is the way it was when first delivered. Since my purchase I have replaced all the tires; replaced the torque converter and flex plate; replaced the passenger side half shaft; reinstalled the original AM/FM radio; and resealed the valve cover.  Presently the 4WD does not work as the vacuum lines need to be replaced, however the Transfer Case and vacuum motors do all work.   

Modifications --


Future Plans --

Work to be done this spring/summer:  Replace hatch lifts; replace right side hinges (spares came with car); repaint car to original colors; and renew 4wd vacuum lines and engine vacuum lines.

Original Window Sticker

And here is the line setting (build sheet) ticket.  It is in real poor shape and very fragile.

So Doug what is the fuel mileage now better or worst?????

Is there any new 4wheeler out there that you can get for whit most of the options for $10480.00

rally boy:
GIL, stop it. youre making my side hurt. oh you meant a quad. sure they got those in 4x4 for under 10k.

Here is what I said in another post last week:  First fill-up since I removed pump its plumbing and some other smog related stuff.  Guessing about 70% Highway and 30% City and AC about 1/2 time.  341 miles/13.3 gallons = 25.64 mpg.  Which is a mile and 4 tenths off my previous highway only mpg (27), with no AC -- so I think the next all highway trip should net 29-30 or maybe even better with a tail wind.    Heck there are not too many 2WD cars that you can get for that price -- but in '82 that was a lot of money for a mderately optioned out car.  And, $208 for a push button AM/FM radio -- of course you did get four $5.00 speakers with that.


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