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We prepared this project for you, members of this forum. Join to our list in Eaglepedia. Send me picture of you and picture of your car. Than description - The Car Model : (e.g. AMC Eagle 1984 SX/4)
                                Location :         (your state)
                                City/Town :
                                Condition :        (Exellent, Fine, Very Good, Good )

My e-mail address : [email protected]

If anyone would like to add his/her full name, just send it too.
The first samples you can see in Eaglepedia AMC Eagle Nest Members and their Eagles .

Thanks for taking on this project Petr.  Now to get a better picture of myself.  To view Petr's project go to the Eaglepedia and then to the AMC Eagle Nest Members and their Eagles category.

Email sent... Don't mind my goofy Cobo San Lucas Margareta induced smile... It was -42 back home that day...

It seems our list starts to grow up .  :)

I will have to go look now.


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