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2019 Colorado Eagle meet

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Thanks for making the video and posting the link.  Were you able to make it to the top of Pike's Peak?

Thanks for cruising out to CO again for another Eagle meet.  It was great to see you and your family!

I've got a few pictures I've been meaning to post. I don't think all the Eagles were assembled in one spot when I was down there on Saturday for a proper photo.

Hey nice video and thanks for sharing. Just regret I'm so far away as would like to attend one of these. Looks like a great time.

Good to see you as well. Your car looked great.  Ya we were able to make it to the top of Pikes Peak perty cool for a 38 year old car. Ya weren't able to get as many group photos either  seems there was some itinerary issues didn't line up. Would love to see more photos.

I was able to make it to the Eagle meet on Saturday only, but I did get some pictures that I will post here.  I met the group at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and got some pictures of Eagles in the parking lot (and in the zoo)


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