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Eagle wagon - Hess & Sons, Junction City, Kan.


Still Pat:
Okay, y'all, I located the wagon described below while searching for parts for mine. They sent me SOME pics. (mainly what I was looking for). FROM WHAT I SAW in those pics. (& IF I can figure out HOW to get them here, I will), it APPEARED to be fairly complete. Their E-Mail is here & IF you're like me & live on spacebook, they also have a spacebook page. One thing that caught my eye was the rims. They look like Jeep (fake wire, I don't know the name. Not a 'normal' 5 spoke), lattice, that's the word I was looking for! Anyway, all 4 are on it in the pics. & look okay.

Model: Eagle
Style: Wagon
Engine: May be gone
Exterior: Brown (Copper?)/Woodgrain
Interior: Same (Looks darker than my beige/nutmeg combo.)
Location: Junction City, Kan.
Date found: July 2019
Crush date (approximate): Unknown
spacebook page:

Good luck y'all, hope this helps somebody.

Still Pat:
I can't get the pictures to post, I don't speak computer!! I DO have them posted on the Eagle Companion page over on spacebook (I can get it to cooperate - SOMETIMES!).


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