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  • September 20, 2019, 01:40:56 AM

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Author Topic: Turd Bird gets a powertrain swap  (Read 430 times)

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Turd Bird gets a powertrain swap
« on: May 09, 2019, 12:37:46 PM »
To begin, I dont want to clog up this thread with duplicate posts, so for an overview on the car up till now, refer to this link:
I started a thread for my np242 swap, but after getting to the junkyard and seeing such a nice 96 cherokee (I thought it was a 95 at first), I decided to pull the trans and wiring harness out of it and finally get the fuel injection working. here is a link to the np242 swap thread, which contains a real informative writeup by amarshall:
Since this is turning into a much bigger project than just transfer case swap, I figured Id use a thread here.
Anyhoos, when I first swapped in the 4.0 (from 93 chero), I transplanted the entire eagle accessory drive and intake, to make the swap super easy at the time. I kept all the 4.0 parts in a box, and since then its had a mc2100 and HEI swap, and while it runs like a charm in nice weather, or after warmed up, its still a cold blooded bear when the temps get down below 20F. Ive always wanted to get it back to fuel injection, and now is the time. Well, now is subjective, what with life things going on itll probably be a few months till I have the money and time to complete it, but what else is the point of a project car, right?

So far, Ive pulled the transfer case, transmission, throttlebody, pcm, tcm, engine wiring harness, and the section of chassis wiring harness that contains the tcm wiring, along with assorted brackets and sensors. Ive found a FSM for a 97 cherokee, which as far as I can tell is pretty much the same as 96, so good enough for me. Ive made a spreadsheet from the pinout of the pcm, and went though noting which inputs are needed, which arent, and which I will have available after all the guts are swapped in. There are some things I cant tell if is needed or not, so in the current researching phase of the project, I am trying to nail down which inputs I can cut out and not affect engine performance. I Know the wiring would be easier if I had gotten an OBD1 pcm, but the junkyard didnt have one, so Im tinkling with the pickle ive got.

Ill cross these out as I figure them out, but if anyone has any knowledge or tips, let me know.

Its hard to find any solid information on this one because of all the stigma online about discussing emissions systems. Some say the downstream sensor has no effect of fuel trims and timing, and only sends a CEL to complain about the cat being worn out (I will not be adding a cat to the eagle), and some claim the pcm will mess with fuel trims to try to prevent further damage to the cat.

I have the v-belt internally regulated alternator from the 4.2 on the engine, so I dont need to have the PCM regulate it, but I dont know if the PCM will run correctly without this hooked up.

I have the old style oil pressure sender that controls the dummy light on the dash, as well as an aftermarket oil pressure gauge, so I personally would prefer to continue using those, but I dont know if the PCM will run correctly without this input.

The transmissing control module uses the VSS on the trans, and the PCM uses the VSS on the tail of the transfer case. Id like to convert the NP242 to cable speedometer drive so I can use the stock eagle speedometer, but again, I dont know if the PCM actually uses this input in engine management, or just to report to the factory cherokee instrument cluster.

I definitely dont have one of these, and logically Im pretty sure its not needed, but I cant be 100% sure.

same story as battery temp sensor

pretty sure I dont need this one either, but worth mentioning

I dont have this circuit, but Im sure I could rig one up if needed. The wiring harness for the tcm uses this as well, but I dont know if that is just to prevent the stock cherokee shifting out of park without brake, or if it is actually used in engine management.

C27   D21 18PK    SCI TRANSMIT
C28   D2 18WT/BK    CCD BUS(–)
C29   D20 18LG/BK    SCI RECEIVE
C30   D1 18VT/BR    CCD BUS (+)
These are for the obd2 plug under the dash, as well as connecting to other computers like the tcm. I dont believe they are needed, but if might be fun to hook them up for kicks and giggles.

I also wasnt sure if all the wiring for the 96 would work on the 93 intake, since they are the different types, but I grabbed the 96's throttle body and sensors to be on the safe side.

Ill update this thread as I make progress, slow as it may or may not be.
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Offline mick

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Re: Turd Bird gets a powertrain swap
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2019, 11:02:34 AM »
I'll definitely be keeping up with this thread.

Offline Taylor Williams

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Re: Turd Bird gets a powertrain swap
« Reply #2 on: May 11, 2019, 06:48:56 PM »
Looks like another good thread to watch. I love a good project.
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Offline Billman

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Re: Turd Bird gets a powertrain swap
« Reply #3 on: May 19, 2019, 06:19:33 PM »
you have piqued my interest as well.
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Re: Turd Bird gets a powertrain swap
« Reply #4 on: June 04, 2019, 07:39:09 PM »
In your other thread, you stated you may go with an AW4. If so, you are going to want to plan on swapping differential gearing. With my AW4 swap, I had 3.55's, but believe 3.73's would have been better. However, I didn't have a 4.0L. I had a 258 with a 4.0L head with a carb.
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Re: Turd Bird gets a powertrain swap
« Reply #5 on: June 14, 2019, 12:35:52 PM »
It's been a few weeks, but I'm not dead yet. I went back to the junkyard again and i got the entire intake after discovering that thedonor jeep is infact a 1999. I also nabbed the distributor and coul since my 93 ignition wouldnt work with the 99 harness. Aside from that i grabbed the aw4 shifter that i forgot, the brake swith, obdii port, and a few other goodies. I was going to get the trans crossmember too, but i forgot. Ill probably have to make that from scratch anyway.
Ive done a little more reading of the wiring diagrams and pinouts, and i think im sitting pretty good on things, but i havent had the time to get everything started yet. The main things i need yet area novak shifter for the 242, a vss from a dodhe dakota, so i can get cable and vss output from the tc, a new o2 sensor, and a few random bits and pieces.
I did get a little practice in on rebuilding wiring harnesses, as i had to replace a run of the high speed canbus network on my crown vic.

Maybe ill get around to fitting things together in another month or so, after some home improvement projects.
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Offline amarshall

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Re: Turd Bird gets a powertrain swap
« Reply #6 on: June 15, 2019, 03:47:26 PM »
Good update, thanks for keeping us posted.  This sounds like a lot of work!
Wanted:  More time to work on my Eagle!

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Re: Turd Bird gets a powertrain swap
« Reply #7 on: July 06, 2019, 07:48:27 PM »
Still no real progress done, but I've got a little more napkin engineering ideas for the fuel system. Im thinking on the frame rail near the tank, relocating the clickety clack low pressure pump to feed an "EX2000" style inline high pressure pump common from 80s fords, then from there, into a fuel filter/regulator from a 99 grand cherokee, since they ran at the same fuel pressure as my 99 cherokee pcm and fuel rail. Still not completely sure what Ill do for high pressure line yet, but Ill figure that out later. If this setup works, Itll be great to have a FI swap ready high pressure system made from cheap old OEM parts that can be replaced at any auto store, instead of $300 aftermarket pumps, regulators, and filters.
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