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Denver junkyard AMCs


After a long break, a couple of AMC's have appeared in a couple Denver Junkyards in the last couple weeks.

At the LKQ Pick Your Part in Aurora, there is a 1981 SX/4.  It is in pretty decent shape overall although it has sat in the sun too long and the left side windows have been broken out.  I grabbed the grill, power window motors and cables, and right rear marker lense.

At the U Pull and Pay in Denver, there is a 1980 Concord two door sedan.  Again, a pretty decent car that has sat in the sun too long.  The odometer shows only 78,000 miles and I believe it.  There are service records from the glove box dating to 1980, originally an Ohio car.  I grabbed the grill (same as the 1980 Eagle grill), the radio and radio bezel, the heater/AC controls, and the clear turn signal housings. 

I have pictures if anyone is interested.  Send me a PM with your email.  Still haven't found a way to post pictures that doesn't require a lot of steps or shrinking the pictures.


Need to get the bumper end caps.


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