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Eaglepedia assistance needed.


Someone removed me as an admin at the Eaglepedia.  I have re-registered there as Iowa Eagle, could one of the other admins give me admin permission.  Taylor Williams will also need to get admin permission too as he is the new owner.  Thanks.

I did not easily see how to do that. Maybe i don't have that staus anymore either, i thought you gave it to me. I never used it though.

I think its under the page user rights, only admins can see it.

I probably edited my post when you replied. I don't  have that.

Hi Doug, congrats on finding a new owner to run the show. Have been lurking every so often, and seen this thread. My account was deleted as well, just created a new one, unfortunately I can't help with getting you back to admin status. Mudkicker, looks like you still have the ability to put Doug to where he used to be in the system. Will try to add another post shortly


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