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Bizarre and probably insane swap


So, I got an sx4 a couple months ago, and the little iron duke is a bit slow, but running great. Now, I also happen to have access to a mopar 440. I know this is an absolutely ridiculous endeavor, but does anyone think it's possible to shove that big block into an eagle, or are there intrinsic design characteristics that prevent anything that big from fitting?

hi and welcome! yes there are intrinsic design differences. The Eagle was designed for a six, and the motor is offset a couple inches. There have been a couple of V8 conversions, but they are a LOT of work, you basically have to resign the whole drivetrain. The most cost effective swap is a late model 4.0, check into that, lots of info out there. plus that 440 would severely unbalance that car, and imo, make it almost undrivable. that said, it's your car! good luck, gz

Thanks for the response, just what I need to bring me back to earth. I already knew it was a reach, but I happened to have that 440 lying around and started thinking about the raw obscenity of a 440 eagle. I knew it would be an ugly brute if it ever did drive, and seemed kinda amusing in a horrible way.

How I figured it was I would shove a RAMcharger drivetrain in it while making custom engine and trans mounts, and dropping the front axle a bit to make room under the engine. It would also need various extensions to control arms and a total suspension rework, exhaust rework, and half an engine rework to fit the :censored: exhaust headers in, and on top of it all, get 12 MPG. More of an exercise in patience and imagination than an actual practical application.

But on the other hand, I've already been trying to source a good little diesel for it. If anyone has a spare SD33t or the non Turbo counterpart or any little Isuzu diesel that they're trying to get rid of, I'll take it off your hands.  :grin:


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