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Swaybar mount

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Ok so I'm getting ready to put some ones car back together and I bought a used mount and sway bar and got the bushings off the sway bar and found a nice egg shaped hole in the mount looks like some repair is needed for that one. Then I pulled the same off the wagon in need of repair (accident damage) and found the hole to be in good condition, but in setting the two mounts next to each other I noticed they don't look the same.

 Does anyone have any idea why they're different? I'd like to know which one is the correct bend.
 The car is like 60 miles away so test fitting is not a realistic option

Those look like strut rod brackets. Here's a pic from another thread. Hope this will help.

One may have been bent in an accident

Thats exactly what I was getting at. I think the one with the proper shape hole will have to get built up and re used.

if you can weld or know someone who does, you could repair the elongated hole on the straight bracket...


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