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I am officially opening my Perkiomen Eagle Sanctuary. Just a few days ago I secured unlimited parking at a storage facility for my rescue efforts. So far I've moved seven vehicles there and I will be posting pictures once I have all my current vehicles moved there.

If anyone has an AMC Eagle they wish to store in order to protect it from the crusher or as a temporary home I will provide a free parking space. If anyone wishes to "donate" a car to my sanctuary, I will also pay a flat rate of $300 for any Eagle in any condition. It is a donation because that is below the scrap value of the car. Donating will give you the peace of mind knowing that it will be preserved for other AMC owners.

I will eventually offer parts available, including whole project cars, for purchase at scrap value to those that already own an Eagle. I will not offer any parts for sale until I have completed my primary restoration efforts and until I have successfully created my first production run of louvers. Realistically that will take about a year to accomplish.

The Perkiomen Eagle Sanctuary is located in Perkiomenville, Pennsylvania. The zip code is 18074. This is the current list of AMC vehicles nested there:

[I include International vehicles because they were offered with AMC engines and I include Jeep vehicles through 2006 because they were offered with the AMC inline six]

-82 Red SX4
-82 Blue SX4
-83 White SX4
-81 Blue Kammback

-81 White SX4
-81 Grey Sport 2dr Sedan
-83 White 4dr Sedan
-85 Brown SW
-87 Brown SW
-84 White SW
-88 White SW
-81 Grey Kammback
-85 Maroon SW
-84 Silver 4dr Sedan

-82 Spirit GT
-79 Spirit AMX
-74 2dr Hornet Sedan
-77 Hornet SW

-77 Scout Terra
-80 Scout Traveler Turbodiesel

-06 Jeep Rubicon
-85 CJ8 Scrambler
-84 CJ7
-79 CJ7
-78 CJ7
-82 J10 Jeep Truck
-78 J10 Jeep Truck
-92 2dr Cherokee
-00 4dr Cherokee

That's quite the list of must pay to be a Capt. :)

Good luck with all the restoration efforts man. Can't wait to see some pics of the place.


--- Quote from: Prafeston on June 14, 2012, 12:09:35 AM ---That's quite the list of must pay to be a Capt. :)

Good luck with all the restoration efforts man. Can't wait to see some pics of the place.

--- End quote ---

I'm cleaning out my place to be able to get permits for my septic field and put in the waterlines from the well FINALLY

These are the two pictures of the Perkiomen Eagle Sanctuary that I've taken so far. Since they've been taken one other Eagle has been moved there and five more of mine are on their way. Two other SX4s are headed there soon to wait for their pending sale. I'll buy them if no one else does, although I'd honestly like to see the number of Eagles here diminish instead of increase. I already have all the Eagles I personally plan on keeping and maintaining for my own use. I also welcome any AMC car that can accept an Eagle AWD crossmember, like the '74 and '77 Hornet pictured. Both of those will be converted to AWD in their future. My four nicest Eagles are in my garage, this parking is mostly reserved for the rough ones that would have been scrapped if I hadn't interfered.

Right to Left:
('77 International Scout Terra)
'85 Eagle Station Wagon
'81 Eagle 2dr Sedan
'77 Hornet Station Wagon
'79 Spirit AMX
'74 Hornet 2dr Sedan
'88 Eagle Station Wagon
'81 Eagle SX4 (not shown)


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