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Getting ready to pull my '82 Spirit front suspension


to install an Eagle motor crossbar and diff (along with a LOT of other goodies!) I have pics of the Eagle's engine X member

I have Concord/Hornet V8 with AC wagon coils to go in (may be too much for the Spirit, in which case I'll swap them for the '81 Eagle wagon's stock coils)

glad to see you are making progress! If you are done by August.. the Rendevouz this year is in Bonney Lake late august. would LOVE to see you there even if not completely show ready!!

Didn't get anywhere with the car this summer. Since I can't put in bigger tires without hacking the rear wheel wells, I picked up an Eagle wagon to do up instead. I'll be putting an MJ rear axle and 2wd AW4 in the car, returning it to near stock height. (not sagging anymore)


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