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78 AMC Concord Touring Wagon


Eddie Stakes:
I mentioned this on amc-list, thought many of you would like it also:  how many of you
ever seen a uber rare 78 Concord "Touring Wagon"? This one would have been the perfect tow
vehicle with factory 304V8, and rarity of it thru the roof...sold for $1000


I have only seen photos of them, never seen one up close. Check out groovy interior. Seems
the Airstream folks are fond of towing their big trailers with Eagles, Concords & Pacers:

Eddie Stakes

Thanks for sharing Eddie!  I love the interior - very 70s!

El Matador:
I saw one last September, unfortunately it was in a salvage yard.  The Pick-N-Pull online inventory says it's still there, but I highly doubt that since it arrived a year ago.  It's 250 miles away, so I can't exactly go and verify.

I got a few parts from it, and yes I did get several pictures.  It was a six cylinder car.


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