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I have uploaded some vintage commercials to the Nest Server.  They are MP4 format so you will need a MP4 player.  You can get a free one from here:  

Free MP4 Media Player

I downloaded it and it works fine.  Just read all of the preinstallation stuff to see what items you want to install along with it.  You can safely decline the other add ons and just download the player.

Until I figure out a way to play them automatically right from our server, this is the how you will need to view these archived commercials.

1978 Concord Commercial

1980 Concord DL Commercial

1980 VAM American (Concord)

1981 VAM Lerma (Modified Concord)

Another 1981 VAM Lerma Commercial

1981 VAM American

And another 1981 VAM Lerma Commercial

1982 AMC Commercial

1982 VAM American

1982 VAM Lerma

AMC Concord Torture Test Commercial

the commercial "1982 AMC Commercial"  was pretty interesting.  They're doing something like that now, like the 'Cash for Clunkers' ?

VERY COOL. Thanks for posting.


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