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New Control Arm Bushings

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I bought a set of Prothane polyurethane control arm bushings.  They are the type where the old rubber bushing is burned out, then the new bushing is placed within the old metal sleeve.  I am also going to replace the sway bar endlinks, and I want to replace the sway bar bushings. Does anybody know what size the sway bar on a Concord is? The parts store lists two sizes, 13/16, and 7/8.  Any tips/warning on replacing these parts.  Thanks.

I'll be watching your thread.. I'm about to do the same job on my Eagle.

what i would do is buy both and return the set that isn't right

I am pretty sure they are 13/16, just trying to make sure.  I forgot to add, I also plan on replacing the camber adjustment bolts that go on LCA. Napa lists a set on their website, has anyone ever tried these before?

The easiest way to find the diameter of your swaybar is to get a 13/16 and a 7/8 open end wrench. Whichever wrench slips onto the bar perfectly will tell you the size.


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