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Silver editon Concord?

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Not to long ago I saw a concord for sale. It was a 2 tone 2 door heavily optioned concord. It was silver and grey and it had badging to the tune of silver or platinum edition or somthing like that. Anyone ever see anything like that?


I saw one on ebay a while back. I believe it was 1979 Silver Anniversary model for the 25 anniversary of AMC.

Yup, AMC's 25th Anniversary.


On May 1, 1979, AMC celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Nash-Hudson merger and released a limited number of specially appointed "Silver Anniversary" AMC Concords to commemorate the event. The special models received a two-tone silver metallic finish, silver vinyl roof, commemorative badges, and individual reclining front seats upholstered in special black or russet "Caberfae" corduroy.

That is really cool.  Nice piece of history there.


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