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These boards are for the sharing of questions and answers for our members who own, have owned or are interested in owning a 1978 - 1983 AMC Concord and/or a 1979 - 1983 AMC Spirit.   If you are looking for information about the Dodge Spirit or the Chrysler Concorde, then you will have to look elsewhere.

Since AMC Spirits and Concords share much with the various AMC Eagle models much of the technical information contained in the primarily Eagle sections of this forum will be relevant for you.   Even a lot of the information in our AMC Eaglepedia will also be useful so don't let its name dissuade you from using it.  The primary differences of the 2WD cars will be archived here in the AMC Spirit and AMC Concord boards.  So, if you see that we need to add boards within this category then please make a request to an admin so we can add it.

We hope you will find this latest addition to the AMC Eagle Nest Forums to be helpful and entertaining.

Thanks for making these boards...very cool of you!

You are welcome.  Time will tell how much these boards are used.  I feel good about adding them though.

Yeah, good idea!

wow! my new home is so nice and roomy! thanks mods. im sure the new boards will be appreciated


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