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Project Cars / Re: 1986 AMC Eagle Wagon cheap rehab
« Last post by Mitch on Yesterday at 11:12:18 AM »
That's a real nice looking Eagle! I can tell it's only going to get better! I'm jealous.   :occasion14:
Project Cars / Re: 1986 AMC Eagle Wagon cheap rehab
« Last post by zeebo76 on Yesterday at 03:59:02 AM »
Busy day today.  Went to pick-n-pull for a pair of steering column pivot pins, ended up finding two laying on the floor of an old suburban.  Cost me $5. Came home and started going through miscellaneous fixes - ashtrays on the rear doors were filthy, so I worked them over inside with brakleen and a steel brush, then painted the insides black.  Don’t plan on letting anyone smoke in the eagle, so they’ll just be for trash or something, I guess.  Bought and installed a rear view mirror that doesn’t wobble, painted the parts of the dash that were supposed to be silver silver again.

Went around all the trim and found a lot of spots where screws were missing, so I threw some basic lath screws in and everything feels tighter now.

took all the seats out of the Eagle, gave the interior a nice deep cleaning.  Vacuum, carpet spray, scrub with a brush, wipe with a towel, then another pass with the vacuum.  Looks and feels a whole lot better.  Also wiped down all the vinyl/trim with 405 cleaner, and gave the spare tire compartment a VERY deep cleaning.  I actually hadn’t ever looked in there and it was just full of dirt, lint, miscellaneous garbage.  Scrubbed, cleaned, and wiped until it was as close to spotless as I could get it and then made a carpet insert.  Spare tire went back in, I put the roadside kit in there along with a bottle jack and a tire iron.

Isn’t showroom quality or anything, but when she’s back together I certainly wouldn’t feel afraid to take her to cars and coffee!

Tomorrow is going to consist of finishing up the steering column repair, cleaning the seats, fabricating some lift brackets for them, re-installing, then hopefully taking her for a test drive.  Fingers crossed!
Question and Answer / cargo mat and speaker covers
« Last post by zeebo76 on September 20, 2019, 11:44:41 PM »
so I’m looking for some things that might be easier made than found, but I’ll ask anyway...

I’m looking to source some of the metal plates that clip onto the cargo mat for my Eagle wagon, and I’m also looking for replacement speaker covers.  I’ve looked around for a while but have had little luck finding either of them...

Any tips?
Project Cars / Re: The Restoration starts!- '80 Eagle Turbo Diesel
« Last post by keverbeek on September 20, 2019, 05:21:24 PM »
Can anyone tell me more about the TD engine from VM Motori?
What are the specs? Where else was this engine used?
I guess it should be possible/legal to swap a petrol for a similar diesel, right? 
Project Cars / Re: 1986 AMC Eagle Wagon cheap rehab
« Last post by zeebo76 on September 20, 2019, 03:36:11 PM »
Got a decent picture, finally.  Here she is about two weeks ago.  Wheels, tires, non-saggy springs, and a buff/wax are soon to come!

Project Cars / Re: Pinging
« Last post by zeebo76 on September 20, 2019, 02:54:14 PM »
Alright, I'll post the writeup under rehabilitation how-to's and tips.  It's pretty easy, but it's not exactly a science...  Once you get started on the conversion a lot of it comes together via common sense and by feel.  Just need two universal mirrors from autozone, a tube of RTV, something to cut plastic with (I used a jewelry saw, but I'm sure there are other things to use), a drill, and a philips head screwdriver.

EDIT:  It's been posted!
Project Cars / Re: Pinging
« Last post by amcfool1 on September 20, 2019, 07:32:56 AM »
hey, good work. i would be interested in the mirror repair. thanks, gz
Question and Answer / MOVED: Pinging
« Last post by mudkicker715 on September 20, 2019, 06:55:45 AM »
Project Cars / Re: Pinging
« Last post by mudkicker715 on September 20, 2019, 06:52:05 AM »
Sure why not give a writeup and how it was changed to a manual mirror. Also i will move your thread. You may want a new title for it though? If you do decide to retitle it you should be able to do that?
Project Cars / Re: Pinging
« Last post by zeebo76 on September 20, 2019, 05:25:09 AM »
Hey again everyone.  This thread should probably be moved to the projects section because that’s what this is turning into...

In the last week I’ve done a lot.

Added mud flaps, square stock-looking fog lamps on the front bumper, replaced thermostat, water pump + radiator, flushed + refilled tranny fluid and swapped filter (fluid was almost black, definitely time for a change), dropped the headliner and re-upholstered it ($30 total, looks and feels great), fixed the roof leak (roof rack was missing both front threaded bushings that originally held the rack watertight to the roof), and started tearing the steering column apart to fix the wobbly tilt steering wheel.

The first pivot pin remover I bought broke off inside one of the pins, but I bought another and it worked on the second - so tomorrow I’m going to be tacking a bolt to the stuck pivot pin and trying to yank it out that way.  After this, the only major roadblock for it being able to be kept outside as it enters rainy season is the leak in the back window.  After fixing that, it should be totally drivable, get decent gas mileage, have decent power, and be super cool!

Oh, also, I converted both of my cable adjust mirrors (which had gone floppy, no possible way to adjust them) to manual adjust, using the original housings and mirror glass and everything.  I can put out a short write up on it if anyone wants - the only exterior difference is one screw head visible on the back side of the housing.  They work great!  No wobbling, very tight, and only ran me $40 and a few hours of work.
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