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Title: appropriate??
Post by: on February 04, 2015, 11:10:48 PM
before I name names or point out specific ads, I wanted to know if it was appropriate to call out bunk cars for sale on craigslist.....

I drove over 3 hours to see a pair of eagles that turned out to be a total waste of time.  After multiple emails, some texts, and 2 talks on the phone, I scraped together the asking price and I took the day off from work to drive 3+ hrs to see the two eagles, what a waste of a day, neither one of them even had a battery  when we got there, couldn;t get either to start, definetly way less nice than advertised, tons of little problems and janky work done on them......
 seller -  "oh i forgot to mention we put an aftermarket shifter in the good car but it wouldn't fit right so we installed it backwards, removed the llinkage and made it a cable shift...." 
me-   "ummmmm ok......"   "
Title: Re: appropriate??
Post by: Baby Eagle on February 04, 2015, 11:27:05 PM
Understand, your thinking, but for every one special horror as you had there have been hunderds of good none horror conditions and I have one to prove it.