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I ordered one from Amazon it should be here in the next day or two.
You can also get a cheap one at harbor freight.
I am now shopping Amazon for a vacuum pump LOL
Pulling it to vacuum removes moisture from the system, plus most refrigerants don't like being "contaminated" with normal air because the loop (and the TXV and the high/low pressure switches) relies on the pressure of whatever refrigerant it was designed for and air is well, air. It's inert for refrigeration purposes.
How important is it to have a vacuum pulled? It works today no problem.
My suggestion for now is run it as-is and see if the charge holds. If it lasts two or three months, I'd roll up to whoever does refrigerant jobs while doing an oil change and just have them pump it down and buy another can to recharge it on the way home.
Dumb question, but you did evacuate all the air out of the system before charging it, right?
Not a a dumb question, and no because I don't have a vacuum pump. If I was to do it right, I would replace the filter dryer which you can still buy new and then pull a vacuum on the system for ~20 mins before refilling with a measured amount.

Right now I just wanted to see if I could get it working so I was not being picky about the details. If it continues to hold a charge I may fix it right. However there is nothing more permanent than a temporary fix that works.

This may be an option if you don't want to replace the dryer: it looks like it might be a smart choice, maybe even in addition to a new dryer I'm not sure.
Dumb question, but you did evacuate all the air out of the system before charging it, right?
I swapped the line from the parts car and put in a can of 12a. I discovered a leak at the condenser it looks like I may have cross threaded that connection. Whoops. I will take it apart and look closer another day.

Edit: I worked on it after supper. I did indeed cross thread the connection at the condenser but I was able to very carefully re-attach the hose and it seems correct and secure. I charged it up, got nice cold A/C with one can, and now fingers crossed it doesn't leak all out in the next day or two. I also replaced the O-rings with new green ones.
Fuel Systems. / Re: New fuel system options (which carb/TBI do I choose)
« Last post by NewEnglandCliff on May 10, 2024, 09:02:19 AM »
Did you leave all the vacuum lines off, as the Gronk kit would have you do, and just swap in the Carter?
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