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The Engine / Re: Erratic Idle/fuel mileage/Timing
« Last post by trucker79005 on Yesterday at 11:37:25 PM »
Sure hadn't thought about that. Maybe that could explain some of the recent drop but it wouldn't explain the drop from one day to the next like when I came home from Colorado. Hopefully I'll figure it out soon! I'm pretty tired of 12.9...
Project Cars / Re: RallyEagle's 82 SX4 Rally car rebuild
« Last post by mudkicker715 on Yesterday at 10:15:50 PM »
Omg gold luck. I know it will be better.. the tilt steering wheel on my 97 f150 for example had broken wires from the column bei g tilted.
Hatchlings / Re: Hatchling from Michigan
« Last post by mudkicker715 on Yesterday at 10:07:24 PM »
Not that it matters to me, (since wife surgery is sucking my don't get married) anywho you MI peeps need to specify yuppers  or  proper lol.
Project Cars / Re: RallyEagle's 82 SX4 Rally car rebuild
« Last post by RallyEagle on Yesterday at 08:19:55 PM »
Gutted most cabin wires and gauges.  Quite a pile of spliced wires and broken connections.  More gutting and then new gauges and harness.  Fuses too. Fun!

Hatchlings / Hatchling from Michigan
« Last post by Drover on Yesterday at 05:34:02 PM »
Howdy nesters,

Just joined so I could hopefully sell my '82 Eagle Wagon. I bought it new in 83.
If you look at Jefcon1 post above you'll see what my Eagle looks like. White Station Wagon. Same hubcaps, etc.
It's been parked (buried) in my garage for over 20 years.
It's a 6 cylinder, 5 speed. It ran when I parked it.
It'll be awhile before I can get pics. When I can get more details I'll post it in the proper area.

The Engine / Re: Erratic Idle/fuel mileage/Timing
« Last post by AMC1 on Yesterday at 12:06:42 PM »
Have you considered the thought that the EPA etc. actually changes the composition of the gasoline during the winter months. Here in the Chicago area I expect my mileage to decrease by 2-3 mpg during that time plus the fact that it's running a bit richer until warm-up.
Project Cars / Re: RallyEagle's 82 SX4 Rally car rebuild
« Last post by RallyEagle on January 20, 2019, 05:36:15 PM »
I got the front leads landed and installed the heater hoses. I installed a humvee heater valve since the original setup was full heat all the time! Crazy!. I also installed a recirculation control cable to mix air.   I moved the starter solenoid away from exhaust manifold and rerouted my new battery csbles,,,from a humvee.  Since AM General was part of AMC, a lot of my hardware and parts are interchangeable.  Next up is landing the wires in the cabin and installing a new fuse panel.  Added a ground buss for all lights, cooling fan, and relays.  I'll spray it with clear coat to protect it. Fun!

Visitors and Guests / Re: Hey everyone.
« Last post by Taylor Williams on January 20, 2019, 10:15:55 AM »
Welcome, we are here if you have any questions and we love project pictures.
Interested in how you have it running on partial hydrogen?
Visitors and Guests / Hey everyone.
« Last post by Warwagon1985 on January 20, 2019, 12:41:59 AM »
Im new here to the den. But no stranger to the amc eagle. And sx/4. I have an 83 Currently i have a three inch lift. Half caged rebuilt engine. Np231 4lo transfer case. Runs on partial hydrogen. Love my eagle. Soon to be most likely doing a solid axle swap and transfer everything within reason from a 2002 jeep grand cherokee. This will be fun. Anyways. Just wanted to say hi.
The Engine / Erratic Idle/fuel mileage/Timing
« Last post by trucker79005 on January 18, 2019, 06:05:40 PM »
Hi all! Looking for any thoughts on this. So I adjusted my timing a while back and wasn't real sure I had it at the right spot (Didn't mark the proper marks ahead of time). It drove fine but was still only getting 15 mpg here at about 3000 feet elevation. I took it to front range Colorado and western Nebraska (4-5000 ft) and got 18-19 mpg. Came back home and went back down to 15. Maybe it could have to do with lack of wind or different fuel but think it had to do with timing.

I reset the timing a few days ago closer to the 6* that is stock and my idle sucked and i got about 12.5 mpg.

I reset it today to about 10* and haven't had a chance to test it out other than to make sure it ran. The idle still spikes randomly and it seemed like there were times that the timing would retard when I was setting it. It wasn't wavering all the time though. If there's a way to post a video I will.

Car has 180000 miles on it so my mind goes to timing chain but also wondering if it could be my computer messing up. I also feel it "drag" sometimes when i'm at highway speeds with steady throttle.
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