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Hatchlings / Re: new member
« Last post by MIPS on Yesterday at 10:19:53 PM »
That will be a slick looking car once you get the bumpers changed. Very clean.
Hatchlings / Re: new member
« Last post by Einer11 on Yesterday at 03:38:49 AM »
  Yes, that is the Eagle that I bought, I have all the items to return it to its original condition as you can see it is in good condition. What do you folks think?
Question and Answer / Re: Vacuum shift actuator
« Last post by Badvibes258 on January 26, 2023, 12:40:19 AM »
I don't believe they need a "hold". Considering the use of vacuum I believe it will stay engaged until disengaged. Otherwise the transmission would overpower the vacuum.

It uses a 2 way vacuum.

Based on the direction the switch is moves which side of the diaphragm it is applied.

And based on how weak a vacuum Is I don't believe there is a need for "holding"

Question and Answer / Re: Vacuum shift actuator
« Last post by rmick on January 25, 2023, 11:01:35 PM »
Ive thought about that as well using solenoids. Most are a one shot pull would have to make sure it could handle a constant 12 volt. or have it reduce voltage to a holding power after initial 12 volt shot.
Altered Eagles / My eagle bucket list.
« Last post by Badvibes258 on January 25, 2023, 10:23:37 PM »
I was a member on the previous forum and had a previous idea of what I wanted for My sx4.

Over the last 20+ years I have sat on this poor car. I want it RIGHT. Not right now.

And many ideas changed due to issues.
Which resulted in new issues.

I wanted a v8. Then a 4bt Cummins.

Both added insane complexity.

Now I see guys building turbo 4.7 strokers on youtube making 500+ hp before methanol injection.

Then recently I get word that Stellantis is building the 3 liter twin turbo hurricane. An engine that could knock bmw's sausage in the dirt. 

Remember we are talking supercar levels of power. (Not hypercar)

Even with brick aerodynamics, we are looking at 182 mph with 3.73 final gears with the widely used and available zf8hp. With a 5:1 first gear and .64:1 8th and highly programmable shift system, the potential exists.

So here is My "mod" wish list.

Kevlar/carbon fiber composite fenders, hood, doors, hatch.
Lexan M windows all around.

(Making the eagle lighter and slightly more durable.)

Then, I am reworking the grill/bumper upfront.

Raising the bumper (deleting the marker/turn signals)
Narrow the bumper height to 1 inch steel tube.
And bring the valance forward 6 to 8 inches (1 or 2 inches forward of the hood)
Using some aftermarket kenworth headlights (single 4x12+ headlights with integrated turn signals/running lights)

While I will be narrowing the grill area, it will open air intake through the valance.

Dakota 3.73 front and rear differentials and transfer case (or zf8hp70 equivalent?) Or awd transfer (will wait to see what stellantis puts out.)

I want to remold the tail lights for modern style leds and transparent smoked lenses.

The rear bumper will get a carbon fiber/kevlar update as well. But very little change there.

The 2 rear side lenses will get lighting and functionality as well.

I may have the lenses 3d scanned and print new ones and have them Lazer engraved.

The actual grill will be honeycomb and Inset in line with the headlights.

With lighter doors I am swapping out the door handles to 1992 Honda handles.

Louvering the hood.

Upgrading the interior.

I will add intellitronix gauges (GPS speedometer specifically)
And dakota digital hvac system.

Recreating the dash. And adding other modern amenities.

I am told control freak is building a coil over suspension for the eagles. I would like more input on that please?

Creating a slightly modern javelin amx profile.

Okay got photo hosting set up.
Question and Answer / AWD charger subfraime
« Last post by Badvibes258 on January 25, 2023, 09:19:16 PM »
First, hey all, it's been a long time, I am back.

And with the new i6 hurricane on the horizon and zf8hp70 I thought I would pose some thoughts and ideas.

The hurricane is a powerhouse if they deliver.
And the zf8hp70 is impressive.

510hp/475ft-torque (from 2500 to redline)

And 5:1 first gear and .64:1 8th.

Based on the sx4, 3.73 final gearing, est weight of  3452 (the trans is much heavier but the hurricane is a bit lighter) estimated drag and shape of the sx4, and 27 inch tires, it is theoretically possible to achieve 182 mph or more.

With that in mind, I was looking at parts, and discovered dodge charger awd models had a removable subframe.

With that in mind, I believe something similar could create a less aggressive stance and lead to an unofficial AMX eagle.

IE subaru wrx killer.

I know there was discussion for the 401 amx cross member on the previous forum.

What are your thoughts on the new potential of the hurricane or making a street/strip amx eagle?

Inside Your Eagle / Re: Gauge package cross compatibility
« Last post by atmafox on January 24, 2023, 01:09:43 AM »
Hit me up via note and I'll send you my personal email then we can work out addresses and cross shipping or similar.  I'm out of town until the end of the month but I can see if the folks back home can figure out how to extract the insert.

Inside Your Eagle / Re: Gauge package cross compatibility
« Last post by Knuckle0Head on January 21, 2023, 09:40:11 PM »
I have one for an automatic and plan to swap to a manual so I'd love to swap the insert with you.
Awesome! let me know how to go about swapping info with you and ill get back to you asap!
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