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Question and Answer / Re: Wiring Harness
« Last post by rollguy on Today at 07:27:42 PM »
I am pretty sure I have a complete wire harness for an SX4. Most of the wiring will be the same, but the rear portion will be different. I believe it is from an '82.  If you need it, let me know.  Thanks, Rich
Question and Answer / Wiring Harness
« Last post by TheGoldenEagle on Today at 05:08:57 PM »
I apologize if there IS a thread on wiring harnesses, i just cant seem to find them, or if there are the diagrams in those threads it seems they are alll part of those old photobucket archive of photos we had, which since have long been dead , and arent hosted any more,

Anyways, i was driving the other day after working on the choke/carb it seems i had a bad short, or loss of ground, and it fried wires that bolt into the selenoid, it started as a 1 green wire prong that split into 2 reds past an insulator, One MUST have been powering most accessories, the other im not sure, but after blowing one wire, i rigged it and jumped the selenoid (i had to move it from where it died, or risk tow/impound) It seemed fine, but then the unmistakable smell of burning wire, plus haywire electrics, wipers going on by themselves, i didnt wait to see and count what else was turning itself on, as i had my hazards on the whole way home. now im in a real pinch as to WHAT shorted, WHERE and HOW i lost the ground.
Project Cars / Re: My long awaited Eagle - A project in the works
« Last post by Baskinator4 on Yesterday at 09:22:51 PM »
Thought I would update this thread with a few pictures from the 2017 AMO show in Gettysburg, PA
Hatchlings / Re: Story of how I got my first car
« Last post by eagleman on Yesterday at 07:31:08 PM »
Loved your story and love your Eagle. Can't beat original Eagles as there getting harder and harder to find these days. Enjoy your ride and welcome to the Den!
Hatchlings / Re: Story of how I got my first car
« Last post by mo.eagles on Yesterday at 07:25:18 PM »
Good looking Eagle. Welcome to the group.
Altered Eagles / Re: 4.0 swap with built driveline
« Last post by The Dark Side of Will on March 20, 2018, 08:29:16 PM »
Just for general assurance to make sure they don't back out.
AMC Friendly Shops/Vendors / Re: Rock Auto Discount Codes
« Last post by mudkicker715 on March 20, 2018, 08:18:14 PM »
Just got this one today

Altered Eagles / Re: 4.0 swap with built driveline
« Last post by mudkicker715 on March 20, 2018, 08:12:16 PM »
Why loktite the clutch bolts?  I never did, but i also eat starters, probs unrelated just asking why.
Altered Eagles / Re: 4.0 swap with built driveline
« Last post by The Dark Side of Will on March 20, 2018, 08:01:06 PM »

Not super relevant to my swap because I already have the 3.54's, but 'tev.

Got the clutch bolts loctited and torqued (40 ftlbs on a 3/8" bolt!) over the weekend.

How easily to Dana 30's break? I've heard the solid fronts are kind of tough for their size.
Altered Eagles / Re: Small block Chevy into Eagle
« Last post by The Dark Side of Will on March 20, 2018, 07:59:08 PM »
Fitted the second rev of the design last weekend. It moved the diff 1/2" to the left. It doesn't look much different in pics, so I didn't snap any.

The right side and diff snout mounts now clear the locating fixture, so the diff can be bolted flat on the flange and both fasteners tightened up all the way.

From looking at the fixture, it needs to move another 1/2" to the left and 1/2" up. I made a new rev of the drawings which moves the diff 1/2" to the left, but skipped moving it up, as that would make packaging the diff against the side of the engine + the axle tube vs. the windage tray and oil pan that much more difficult. As it is, there will be significant pan mods.

The drawings are with the laser team to cut.

Either with the current rev or the next rev or both, we'll measure where the output flanges are relative to the lower control arm pickup points on the crossmember to verify that the diff is in the right position left to right relative to the crossmember.
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