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Upgrading Alternator to CS Series?


I'm wondering if anyone on here has done the CS130 or CS144 alternator swap to their 258 powered eagles, my brand new 10SI does not cut it with subwoofers. I am really liking the CS144 amperage curve at low rpm. however I have heard the CS130 will swap right into the brackets if you use the proper one. My eagle has the factory York AC compressor, and the alternator mounts under that, and I am having a hard time finding info if the CS130 really is a drop-in with the conversion harness. If I have to modify brackets, I will likely go the CS144 route, but I prefer the easiest route.

To answer my own question, the cs130 alternator is a drop in for my 1980 Eagle with AC. The alternator I purchased was for a 1990 5.7L Corvette, which had the ears 180 degrees apart with the same bolt spacing as the old 10si. They share the same alternator pulley shaft size as well, and it was very simple to swap the v-belt pulley from the old alternator. There are many aftermarket alternator connectors that will allow you to simply plug the alternator into the old wiring harness, however I will never run the factory alternator again and will be cutting the factory connector off to solder on the CS130 pigtail. I have read that the alternator excite wire needs between 30-510ohms to start charging, and I'm hoping the factory charge warning light will work, but worst case scenario, I can always add the resistor from my electronics pile. The factory 10 guage wire will not suffice, and I will be upgrading it to 6 guage minimum, with a 150 amp mini ANL fuseblock.

Nice, good to know

Just for future reference the bolt in PN is a 1989 Pontiac Safari Alternator with a 307. Goes right in, you clip the ends off your harness and wire on a new pigtail and you're done.


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