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Weak power seat controls


I've been fighting with the controls on my power seats for years. Originally when I got them I could only go back and fourth. New switch assemblies are still available but they cross-reference to a Corvette part and are VERY expensive so instead I dismantled, cleaned and rebuilt the switch assemblies and that got back all the directions of control but some motors were still weak going one direction. Pulled the power seat carriage, cleaned and regreased everything and with the seat removed and the carriage plugged into the harness it still ran like garbage. I'd blame weak motors or springs but for example if you use the rear switch to raise the back of the seat its weak but if you use the joystick which raises both the front and back of the seat its fine, so there's poor connections somewhere.

Now its losing directions again and on one occasion I moved the seat forward while driving and couldn't move it back until I got home and messed with it. Just wiggling the molded connector that mates with the switch assemblies seems to affect things but it feels pretty solidly attached.

I'm pretty sure these switches are the same as found in 80s Fords because I've looked for them in the junkyard before.  I may have a spare one of those laying around, let me see if I can find it over the weekend and get you some pictures.

Cadillac used them as well. Almost all '70s cars used them. Most small parts were outsourced. Therefore auto manufactures used the same parts.
'80s Cadillac also had the same mirrors except they said Cadillac. So I would guess the seat motors would be usable.


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