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VW EA831 rebuild ongoing near Seattle


This engine was the reason I decided to buy this postal Jeep, which I found at a Pick-N-Pull junk yard in Lynnwood, Washington. I've had an unexplainable attraction to the postal Jeep for a long time, and I expected to see an AMC six cylinder engine under the hood, but I was surprised to see this four cylinder engine with a cam sprocket at the front of the cylinder head. Initially I was only going to repair the engine and drive it as it was, but the keys could not be located, and I needed a new ignition switch, and then I found a couple of wires with melted insulation, and one thing led to another. The engine wouldn't turn over when I bought it, but I've found the parts I need to fix it, and now the short block assembly is back from the machine shop with new standard size connecting rods from Porsche via pelican parts.com. I need to get the crankcase vent hose that connects to a PCV valve, and that is not easy to find. I know this was commonly used in Porsche 924's, and I guess my next step would be to visit a Porsche dealer. Has anyone else rebuilt one of these?

We had a 78 Gremlin with this engine in it.  It had been sitting for 6-8 years when we got it.  We did not have to rebuild the engine as we were fortunate enough to get in running with minimal effort. 

It seems like there were a couple hoses that we couldn't find and we maybe had to get by with what was there or fabricate a couple different hoses together because they had different sizes on the ends.

Good luck!


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