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How's everyone doing? I have not been on in a bit but I still love my Eagles same as always.

As the title implies I finally turbo'd my black SX/4. This is something I have been wanting to do for almost a decade. The car is up and running although I have a ways to go on the tune. I am pretty much at my gated boost pressure of 5psi. The car starts to rip at right around 2500 and never stops pulling. I have the rev limiter set to 3800 and the ecu to cut spark at 137kpa which is right around 5psi. Here is a list of what I used.

CAT C7 Turbo (free off of a school bus that was getting recycled)
Microsquirt ECU with the 8ft harness
1998 4.0 intake manifold
99-?? Split style header off Ebay (so I could get the benefit of the twin scroll turbo)
3 bar MAP sensor GM style
Stock 4.0 Throttle Body
Stock 4.0 MAT sensor
Stock 4.0 Injectors (Grey Top)
Aeromotive Fuel PSI Regulator
Billet Aluminum Fuel Rail off Ebay (very nice piece, excellent build quality)
Ebay 3" Intercooler and Piping
GM CLT sensor
A box with 36ft of random 2" bends for the hotside (Summit Racing)
2" wide header wrap for the down pipe
-6 AN Fuel line kit
Bosch 044 fuel pump (Haven't needed it yet. Plenty of fuel from E2182 I was using on the TBI set up)

That's pretty much the bulk of it. The hotside (manifold to turbo) was the most time consuming part of the build. I have around 25hrs into it alone. I tore the car down on 8-17-19 and had it running on 9-23-19 I think. I will try to post some pics soon. It won't let me post with the attachments.

Before tear down. EXTREMELY FILTHY!!!!! Lots of oil and Moab red dirt!

Tore down and ready for washing. Our 18yr old son made his donation. Solvent and a garden hose.

Hot Side.



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