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1981 Mountain Eaglet


Idaho eagle:
Hi everyone, another eagle in Idaho.   Actually I am just down the road from the Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area.   ;D  Mountain Home is my home.

I am working on a 1981, two door, hatch back eagle with the name/decals of Mountain Eaglet. It has the iron Duke 2.5L four cylinder engine with manual transmission.
It had a 🔥 in the engine compartment and I was able to save it from being crushed.  My daily driver is a motorcycle.  There have been a few times when four wheels might be more comfortable than two.  Since I have had this Eaglet for a few years, it is about time for me to kick it out of the nest.   :)   Currently I am working on the vacuum lines.  Next should be redoing the timing.  I had an acquaintance set the distributor in place.  However, I could not get the vacuum hose on for the advance because the port was up against the block. So when I get the vacuum lines done then I'll have to find TDC and adjust timing and carb.

Do you know why Idaho is called the gem state?    Well it's not because of the gold and silver, or the Jasper, or the smoky quartz, or any of the other mineral gems; it is because this is such a beautiful state with such a mild climate. :hello2:

Idaho eagle:
I forgot to say that when this eagle is flying again I'll post some pictures of it and this beautiful state.

you go dude, there is no better car than a real AMC Eagle. finest car ever made, at least all of us here think so! good luck, gz

Belated welcome from Boise.


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