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Wowsers looks like i'm the only one with a Montana Eagle , after a long absence here. Had gotten the old goldy running again after some electrical mishaps That all started with a blown Radiator inlet (all from an oil leak)  :banghead: i ended up with another car though. AF leak seems to have corroded some pulleys too, gotta change them too

it's snow season now, so perfect time to have it running again

Unfortunately, we can't see your pics because of Photobucket's shenanigans. Where in MT? I've got a buddy in Billings who is in the process of installing a 5.3L in his Eagle, but he's not on the forum.

Up in the Whitefish area, Though i also had it and lived in Butte for some time as well, What are we using for the pictures nowadays anyways?

You can direct upload to this site. Underneath the box you type in is attacments and other options. Click or tap that, than just under that is choose your file. Than go to where you left yourr piicture on your computer or device. Easy peasy no second party needed.

Well okay now, this should be working now,  with the photos


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