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My 3 79 amx's

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So I have been collecting my amx's for a bit over 10 years. I finished a full nut and bolt restoration on my white amx around 2 years ago. My black amx I just finished a full restoration this fall. Both of them run a 360 with a t5. Both cars were done in a single bay garage.. Did the glass work, paint work, engine work, wiring, interior, decals etc all our selfs(me and my dad).  Both cars have a bunch of small tricks done to them. Bumpers tucked, front lowered, wiring to bare min in the engine bays

Lastly is an original paint low mile 304 4 speed red amx. After I finish up my cuda I will be restoring it at some point.

Welcome and beautiful cars. While in 10th grade, I remember sitting in Power Mechanics class (intro to auto mechanics) in 1984 and drooling over a black 79 AMX in an Auto Trader ad.

Wow, beautiful AMXs! You do good work. Jealous of two sets of full louvers!

Thanks. Actually have 4 sets of louvers. I have a full set for red amx and full set on
My sx4.  If you look at body area if this forum I have reproduction side louvers almost ready to shop. About 2 weeks

Very cool! And very good to hear. I might be contacting you sometime down the road! :)


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