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Has anyone tried to remove a jeep body down to the frame and put an Eagle body in its place? This is a thought I have been mulling over but would like to know if there is any threads on why it will or won't work.  I understand that I would have to cut the unibody frame down to remove the front rails and refashion them to use as mounts for the jeep frame. Ya I know its a bit unorthodox but with all the fabrication I would do any way it actually (in theory) seems easier.

CJ, TJ and YJ are too short. XJ and ZJ have no frame. That leaves FSJs.

Doh! Thanx Caruck  :-\


I put a '62 Chrysler Saratoga body on a IH pickup frame back in the early '80s and also a Javelin (frame rotted off in the rear) on a Chev Blazer frame.


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