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My 1981 Amc Spirit


This car has been in my family for years,  and is a great car. I took out the "Iron Duke" and put in a  built chevy 350 and it made it a monster. The turbocast wheels made it look mean. The only reason we didn't use a amc engine is the fact of the cost. But now with my recently purchased sx4, they'll go great together.

Nice ride!

What's up Rob's son? Sorry, I forgot your name. Your dad said you got a good deal on another V8 engine from a cousin, did you install that engine yet?

Yes! My names Eli, I got a small block Chevy 350, with ported heads, a cam, roller rockers, aluminum air gap intake, high compression pistions. It's a beast.

And a super noisy gear drive, good thing is he can't slip off quiet at night without me or mom hearing him!


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