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Snow? Yes please. I'll take several inches.

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2nd Owner:
It never snows around here. So as you can imagine when it does everything comes to a halt...

EXEPT ME. I had to pull this baby out and go for a burn around the neighborhood. I was the only car on the road.

I took this picture around two this afternoon. It's now nine o'clock. I haven't seen a car go by in over six hours and it hasn't stopped snowing. Any ideas?


1) go for another drive around the neighborhood

2) move someplace where it snows more often - your Eagle will be much happier lol

Great looking Eagle!!!

Yes, very nice ride. Looks a lot like MonkeyJoe's Gold Digger! :)

Where is here? Would be curious where you live. You should go sign up the SOAR Database so we can get another Eagle owner on the map!

2nd Owner:
I live in Halfmoon Bay, British Columbia.

I put my location in my profile but I guess it doesn't show up when I post.

What is the SOAR database? I'd like to be on the map.

It's up toward the top of the Forum Home page.

AMC Eagle S.O.A.R. Databae


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