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How much snow is too much

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Probably going out tomorrow and will take pics.  Unusual snow storm here in Central Oregon.  About 20 Inches.

TOO much for the old SX4?  I know the answer is go try it.  But don't want to get stuck. 

What are your personal  experiences?

I have a wagon, and Colorado snow is generally more powdery than what I remember of Oregon snow (sometimes known as Sierra Cement). The wagon has bucked 28 inches of the fluffy white stuff. :eagle:

eaglebeek, we are in central and eastern oregon. high desert. usually light and powdery on my eastern side. honeybadger has been thru enough that it went over the hood in drifts, and pushed with the grill. today i was going thru enough to push with the bumper.

i have been over to burns a few times this winter. (back in dec) and the snow there was the same as it was here on my side.

the cascades are the splitting seam of oregon. east is desert, west is the typical "wet green oregon" people think of.

OK...I thought you were on the west side of the Cascades.  :eagle:

Just be sure you don't do what I did several years ago, and forge through so much snow it actually dams up and pulls the lower tank of the radiator loose.
I didn't even know it until I got home and saw lime green snow dripping in front of the car. Thankfully it didn't overheat, and was only on a 15 minute drive. Have fun and be safe.


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