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Besides mine, I've only seen a couple others in this area (I'm in the Norfolk/Va Beach Area). Figured I'd start this thread for other VA Eagles to Chime in on.


I've been in the Roanoke area for 3 years.  I've seen one Eagle on the road and a few for sale around here in that time.  I bought my 84 wagon from the Richmond area about a year and a half ago.  Converting to an AX-15 manual trans and almost have it back on the road.


I have seen 1 other Wagon besides mine here in Fauquier Co and a SX/4 that is in kinda rough shape.

hi my name is george zeman, i live in roanoke  va got an 82 sedan, about to die, and an 84 sedan, about to be reborn, plus a couple other AMCs, where are you at?  the south is not AMC country, so whenever ! hear or see another Eagle, hey lets talk!

My name is David Mahan and I live in Radford, VA, just south of Roanoke, VA.  I have an '83 Eagle wagon imported from wonderfully-dry, rust-free Texas late last year, and I am currently doing a full mechanical refurb/resto.


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