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We found this concord on CL , belonged to an older couple, interior was very nice and the engine runs great. Had very little mechanical work to do, brakes, shocks and a tune up.

But it had sat outside for a long time, no rust but the paint was faded out, and a tree had dented the front fender.

We added a new fender from our parts spirit and went ahead and swapped the bulge hood too. It really turned out to be a pretty cool ride in the end in my opinion. This one came out nice!

Wow...a Concord I actually like. That's hard to do!

Spirit grill looks good on there. And of course it's gorgeous in Black!

Good looking car. Congrats on ypur good find.

I love that you went with AMC rims! Fantastic looking Concord!

Its amazing how a color change to Black really makes that beautiful Concord stand out!


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