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For Sale Guidelines and Rules.


Guidelines/Rules For Posting Items In The "For Sale" Section.

This free service is for private individual sales only.  No ads from commercial auto dealers or third parties are allowed.  Any such ad will be moved or deleted without notice.  The posting of a for sale ad implies these guidelines have been read and understood.

When posting please follow these simple guidelines as they may help you sell your merchandise sooner and make the buyer better informed on the product he or she is buying.  The Forum Adminstrators reserve the right to request sellers to comply, at a minimum with items # 4, 6, and 8 or the ad may be deleted.  Forum Administrators also reserve the right to remove any ad that is felt misleading or placed by an individual who has failed to deliver items ordered and paid for in good faith by another member.

1. - It is recommended you provide your asking price for the part(s) for sale and make a note, if you want, specifying if open for offers or if it is firm price.

2. - Post method or methods you will take payment.

3. - Post if customer will pay for shipping and handling.

4. - You must post the general location of where item is located.

5. - It is recommended you indicate how you would prefer to be contacted regarding finalizing your sale; E-mail, PM or in some other way and how to do so.

6. - Give a clear description of the product and its condition Used, New, After Market or Factory Part, In Working Order or Unknown.

7. - If at all possible post a picture or link to view the part.

8.  No ad can specify e-mail only contact.  Members should post all questions related to the vehicle or parts on the forum and sellers should post the replies to these questions on the forum as well.

9.  Please reply to requests for photos or additional info as quickly as possible.

10. No linking to third party sites, there is another board for that.

Following these simple rules will help in selling your parts and or car a lot faster.

Once you sell or remove from sale your product post a SOLD message or remove post.
To help keep the section uncluttered your cooperation on this will be appreciated by all.

Buying/Selling Reminders

As buyers we may see things differently and may catch items that were inadvertently missed by the seller.  And most of us as buyers, no matter how much we looked at a  part, have probably later on discovered other issues and said to ourselves, "How did I miss that?"  Remember buyers we are mostly dealing with used, decades old items here.  There are going to be things that are wrong.   And, its OK to haggle a bit on the price.  I know folks in the U.S. don't like doing that but be honest to yourself and the buyer by offering what you think its worth.  Haggling is done by pm's, not in the forum.

And sellers please to the best of your ability objectively describe what you are selling.  If you are not mechanically inclined then have someone who is, lend you a hand.  Many times an objective 3rd party, who has no emotional or financial attachment will be able to provide you an assessment of what you are selling and assist you with your description.  Make sure and list the good along with the bad.  If you are unsure about something then please share that.  And allow room for realistic price negotiation.  Most of us start high and are willing to drop the price -- the buyer is not trying to insult you and in most cases will offer a realistic price for what you have for sale.

All members are encouraged to offer what they have for sale to other members and we are happy we can provide you with this service.  Since operation of the AMC Eagles Den does have some costs associated with it we are asking sellers to consider donating a very small part of the proceeds of their sale(s) back the Den.  The amount you donate is totally up to you and in no way will we ever tell others whether you have contributed or not.  Nor will we make the use of the for sale section conditional upon the promise of a donation.  Of course we do not expect you to contribute back for those low ticket items or for those where you have derived little or no personal gain for yourself.

To make a donation you can use the donate button at the top of the page; just enter the amount you wish to contribute.  We do accept paypal and credit/debit cards.  Thank you.

Disclaimer:  All transactions in this section are between the buyer and seller.  The AMC Eagles Den sole involvement is the provision of this site for the posting of your for sale item; and is done so as a service to its members.  The AMC Eagles Den shall not be held liable for the actions of its members; nor for any other aspect of a transaction or attempted transaction.

Buyer/Seller Disputes:  Any disputes regarding the descriptions, suitability, fitness or condition of an item(s); or any other aspect of the transaction must be conducted off site but members may use the forum's personal message format if they wish.  Buyers and/or sellers who feel the actions of a buyer and/or seller should be brought to the attention of AMC Eagles Den  staff should do so only through a private message to one of the administrators.   The names of forum administrators may be found in the members list.   The forum administrators shall solicit both sides of the dispute; however the only action that can be taken against a member, with a majority vote of the administrators, is the revocation of membership in the AMC Eagles Den.

Malicious Posts:  Any post made by a member to members at large which are disparaging towards another member will be removed and the person posting said message will receive a warning via a personal message. 

Transaction negotiations : Please keep haggling , negotiations, comments within emails and pms, they should be not done in the forum.


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