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Spirit with this engine/4sp manual

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Hi all.

On a famous classified site, there is a Spirit with this motor and a four speed.  I wondered if anyone here had any experience with it as I have exactly....none. It is tempting me....

Thanks in advance.

El Matador:
I've never owned/driven/worked on one, but let me put it this way... if you ever rob a bank, don't use it as your getaway car.

I have never had a Spirit with the Audi engine, but I did have a Gremlin once with one, that was many years ago. I drove it in high school while I was fixing my Javelin up

I remember it got decent gas milage, was a little under powered for the weight of a Gremlin, but then again I was compairing it to my built 360 javelin!

Not sure how hard parts would be to find now days

It's basically the same motor used in Porsche 924 till '82. I was going to put the EFI and everything from the Porsche into the Postal Jeep I had with that motor. DJ5-G came with them and 904 automatics.

Sorry I missed this post earlier.  We saved a 1978 Gremlin with this engine.  It had been sitting for 8 years but we were able to get it running without many problems.  It was pretty underpowered, and had problems going up the smallest of hills with much speed.

We sold the Gremlin to someone who put a 401 into it.  The new owner sold the engine and it now resides at the Rambler Ranch.

You can still see the masking tape we used to mark the plug wires!


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