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Anybody with a disconnect front axle thought about or better yet actually used one of these???

I looked at it when I had my early XJ, never really got around to it, but it seems like a really elegant solution.


ps I will probably do it in the SX/4 somewhere down the line, and the fact that it has a provision for an inline switch is cool, it the t-case had one, or I can find a way to install one like on all my 231/242's then I could drive a light for 2x/4x, I've already determined that when I inject her I'm going to use the stock Check Emissions Light as my Check Engine light/MIL...

I used one on a Dodge I had, and they work great.  It turned out to be about the same price (maybe just a little more) than replacing the vacuum motor. 

I work on Jeeps all the time w/ these exact kits.  Work great.

Rollguy,  I realize that they might be about the same, or even slightly more, but that vacume system is just too failure prone, a little abrasion wear on a hard vac line, or a cracked diaphragm, and it's a No Go for 4X. and the fact that there is no indicator that it's in or not just doesn't give me a warm fuzzy... :)


I had a vacuum axle in the front of my '83 Cherokee full size with an NP208 tcase which doesn't have the vacuum ports to operate it. I used the dash switch with silicone hose ends on the vacuum tubes to only operate the front diff.
I also had manual hubs on it so I could disconnect the drag of the front diff for long trips.
   I've even thought about using Ranger/BroncoII manual hub setup in my Eagle to save wear and tear on the front axles.


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