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--- Quote from: IowaEagle on August 20, 2010, 07:07:20 PM ---The Chilton's may or may not help. But they do make good door stops.  Consider purchasing a factory AMC TSM or MR.  We sell a '82/83 TSM in the Eagle Nest store and you can sometimes find them or the later MR's at a certain auction site.

--- End quote ---
I use mine as coaster ...... you can put a whole 6 pack on that sucker

The air pump under the hood is part of a load leveling sytem. If it is  complete and working it should level the back on it's own.  if not working you may have to pipe new hoses to the back and pump it manually , there is a switch to turn it on to pump manually

Yes, there is an axle height sensor that is part of the system.  You may want to check to see if the switch is turned to "auto".

ive thought about the spacers to but i wanna clear 31s.. whats the shaft you talked about having a bad angle? the driveshaft to the front? or the cv axles? i also heard you can replace this shaft with one from an older s10.

Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but the front CV joints won't handle anything past 2-2.5 inches.  I think the back will handle a bit more, but if you're looking at raising the car alot more, you'll probably want to check out posts on what people have done to jack their eagles up quite a bit to clear big tires.

From what I understand, if you're gonna raise up the car like 4, 6 inches or more, you're probably looking at converting the front to a straight axle to start with.  check out Altered eagles on this site, for conversions. 

or try more posts under 'The Shop': Drivetrain, or suspension.


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