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Thank you so much for your help!  Turns out autozone only has one cv axle listed for sale that "fits" according to their computer, but the inner bearing housing is only 3 inches travel.

Called a 4x4 cv axle specialist fabricator in n carolina, who were kind enough to look up their build specs amd stated that inner bearing outer element needed to have a 4 inch travel housing. 

He gave me a correct part number from carquest:
 Ncv82001 made by GSG.
Carquest/Advance website shows a picture, and sure enough, the inner housing is definitely an inch deeper than the ones on the eagle that popped out.  Ordered the hopefully correct ones, and will verify when they arrive.  I will post picturea of both side by side, as well as get the bad part number from autozone and post when they arrive.  That way you guys won't have to go through this problem in the future as well.

Bit of a zombie thread, but Im gonna do it since its open and pinned
So bit of condensed background, Ive got an 83 eagle wagon with a 80 non-disco front axle center section, v8 javelin coil springs, a 93 XJ 4.0, with a 99 XJ AW4, NP242, and Dana 35 rear. Ive raised the front 2" with 1" spring spacers and the rear with blocks.
Anyways Ive never had a problem with the CV joints popping out, in fact my problem is kinda the opposite, they bind up. At the level things are at going down the road, its fine, but if I hit a sizable pothole or go over a railroad crossing, and the front suspension unloads much at all, I can feel the steering wheel shudder badly from the CV axles either bottoming out in their cups, or maxing out their angle, I cant be sure, at 3x wheel speed of course. I am using aftermarket CV axles, and having compared them to OEM ones, they are shorter, but I tried putting an OEM one in, and the problem was actually far worse. With the car jacked up and suspension completely unloaded, I couldnt turn the front wheels at all, even with a breaker bar.
So, since Im taking the front center section out to re-gear it anyway, I thought Id give a shot at lowering it a bit to make the CVs happier. What do you think would be a good amount, 1"? 2"?

Also, does anyone know what part is supposed to limit the downward travel of the front wheels? right now I think its my swaybar hitting the frame horn (pictured). Is it possible that somewhere in my various parts replacing, my front suspension is traveling downward further than it should be?

Or maybe the v8 javelin springs with the 1" spacer is just too much for practical use, and I should just go down to the 1/2" spacer, I dunno, I like how it looks at this height. Could someone else with a 2" lifted eagle that works alright measure the height from the ground to front bumper or something? I never really had a good baseline to go off of for my lift, as the original spring was worn out and snapped.

Well, I went ahead and rebuilt/regeared the front diff, and dropped the mounts 1.5", here are some pics for future reference:
left side, I turned down some 1" round stock to use as spacers, and cut and added some plate to the hanger

same thing with the right hanger, sliced in half with a bandsaw and welded in some plates inbetween

The CV angles at ride height are sooo much better now, this solved all my problems


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