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Im going to raise my eagle but im not sure how to raise the front. Im going to get blocks for the back, but will that work for the front?

The front of an eagle is difficult to raise because of the independent front suspension. you can only lift the front of an eagle 2.5 inches before you have a dangerous angle on your half shafts. to get that 2.5 inch lift, I've heard most people use a 1 inch coil spring spacer to get 2 inches out of the front.

someone else will chime in for other ways to lift the front.

Yeah, that's what I have heard also.  Unless you can fab new mounts, and change the bolt on positions to all the arms, and then get custom bigger/longer coils for the front, spacers are the easiest way to do it.  It sounds mickey mouse, but it works well.

the back is alot easier.  just get a more arch on the back leafs, or helper spring thingys, or even to weld a very secure leaf spring box in the back,  there are different changes for that.  but you still have to be careful not to raise it over that 2-2.5 inch mark.  Any higher, and you're talking about redoing the whole suspension/drive system for like what the guys who take their eagles mudding/rock-crawling.

Thanks guys, do you know where i can get 2" coil spacers for a good price? Also, how do you use the compresor under the hood to air up the back air shocks? sorry i dont know the technical term, I orders a chiltons manual but wont be getting it for a while because the company has to print the book before it ships out.

The Chilton's may or may not help. But they do make good door stops.  Consider purchasing a factory AMC TSM or MR.  We sell a '82/83 TSM in the Eagle Nest store and you can sometimes find them or the later MR's at a certain auction site.


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