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Guess Im one of the olny ones round these parts,(1 of 2) that explanes why I never see any others.

I just surfed through photobucket and posted what I had, couldnt find anything MO specific, not much round here other than feilds and bits of forest

I love the engine hoist...  To bad you had to kick some kids off of their playset.  LOL   ;D
Thats RM for you.

When I built the playset, I specificly had engine hoist in mind  ;) .  but now I have a garage, and its set up for it

I'm impressed by the mud dogging pictures.
What is the story on the right front fender?

I was thinking the same thing about the fender...  very unusual!

Were you stuck in the mud??  PT would have had a hissy fit!   ::)


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