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Title: T5 throw out bearing length
Post by: Vgrizzw on July 06, 2022, 05:45:03 PM
Hello all,

A while back I completed a round of upgrades to my eagle that include an np242 and dana 35 w/ locker. I decided to do a new clutch while i was in there. However afterwards the clutch engages directly off the floor. Im wondering if i used a wrong length throw out bearing…
Slave cylinder is new. I have the wilwood master with a braided clutch line and a remote reservoir. And it was working fine before i decided to redo it. Ive also bleed the ever living out of it (also with the pump tool). Car has been in storage but im ready to fix this issue. It drives and operates correct other than being right on the floor. And guidance before i tear in would be nice. I.e does anyone have a known correct bearing they could measure for me to reference?