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Under the Hood & HVAC / Re: Hot air all the time
« Last post by Still Pat on Today at 03:26:38 PM »
Same problem, I can't get down under the dash to check the door/flap is functioning properly (body won't do that). The lever slides okay from A/C to heat & the temp. lever slides okay, just no change in the temp. and it DOES put out heat (does it ever!). Afraid to disconnect the heater core because if I do, with my luck, it'll start leaking in the winter when I hook it back up.
Project Cars / Re: You bought what?? 88 Eagle Wagon - Overlander Build
« Last post by Still Pat on Today at 01:38:36 PM »
Haven't been on in a while & just reread this whole thing (couldn't recall where I was when I was here last time). That's amazing!
Events & Clubs / Car Show/Club Meeting
« Last post by Still Pat on Today at 10:35:41 AM »
IF anybody's in the St. Louis area & interested, Gateway AMC Club is having this month's meet at the train museum (The National Museum of Transportation) is the full/legal name. I always called it 'train museum' because they had a train right by the entrance where we unloaded the kids (I used to drive school bus). Most people just call it the Transportation Museum I think. Anyway, just a thought. No entry fee, no prizes either. Just a chance to show off your AMC & meet some folks. I'm planning to try to be there, will be my first time trying this car show thing. First time I've had one show worthy. BlackBird certainly wasn't & White Eagle wasn't there either. See what happens. Musta goofed somewhere, THOUGHT if I listed it on the calendar, it'd post the date on it. It's next Sun. (3 June, 2018). Guy I talked to said he thought it started at 10:00 A.M.

Just found out they (train museum) have a wiki page!
Your Eagle(s) / Re: WHICH Eagle should I post :) ?
« Last post by Still Pat on Yesterday at 10:47:20 PM »
Seems to have been a popular paint scheme. I've seen at least 3 or 4 others on spacebook like it.
Your Eagle(s) / Re: WHICH Eagle should I post :) ?
« Last post by rollguy on Yesterday at 10:26:18 PM »
That's a pretty decent Eagle. I had one exactly like it, and even visited Brandon years ago with it. There are photos somewhere of the "twins", but may not be accessible because of the photobucket issue......Rich

EDIT:  Found it!
Your Eagle(s) / Re: WHICH Eagle should I post :) ?
« Last post by Still Pat on Yesterday at 09:10:24 PM »
Here's what he had to do to install the pass. side mirror & run the cable over where it was supposed to g.
Your Eagle(s) / Re: WHICH Eagle should I post :) ?
« Last post by Still Pat on Yesterday at 09:00:53 PM »
Now, I FINALLY have a decent (just needs a little 'fine tuning') Eagle, thanks Brandon! '83 wagon, 258/auto. Here's one 'modification I've had done. Buddy of mine made up that panel & installed it with MECHANICAL gauges for me last summer. Did a bunch of other stuff, too. That's the only visible change. Swapped out the font seats, adjusted the back hatch, replaced both mirrors with actual Eagle remote mirrors (he had 'a few'  ;D choice words  :censored: about the passenger's side) and other stuff. Said he had to take the entire dash out just to run the cable. Forgot to post pics. of it. Lemme try this again!
"Bucket Brigade" / St. Charles County, Mo. - Pacific, Mo. (& return)
« Last post by Still Pat on Yesterday at 06:30:28 PM »
Approx. 1 week from now (Sat., May 2). Planning to go down for the Bigfoot Open House again. Went last year, pretty cool My buddy's gonna have his monster truck in the competition this year, last year he was there but didn't compete. If it'll fit in the back of an Eagle wagon, I can haul it. Lemme know.
Suspension, Steering, Brakes, Wheels & Tires / Re: Dashboard brake light
« Last post by AMC1 on Yesterday at 11:09:45 AM »
That light is working properly. It is a dual function light. It not only tells you that your emergency brake is applied but also if there is a difference in brake pressures between the front & rear lines. Your foot going to the floor indicates you have air in the lines. Even after bleeding the brakes properly that light may stay on due to the differential switch in the Combination Valve staying stuck. Sometimes that switch can be moved & the light will go off by slamming your foot into the brake pedal a few times.
Suspension, Steering, Brakes, Wheels & Tires / Re: Dashboard brake light
« Last post by maddog on Yesterday at 01:13:24 AM »
anytime you replace a brake component that has fluid in it you have to bleed all the brakes otherwise you're never going to get all the air out because the tricky thing about air it will move to lines you didn't mess with and with the eagle system you want to start at the driver's rear go to the passenger rear next then the passenger front and then the driver's front because the eagle rear axle is backwards as far as brake lines go
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