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Author Topic: FS: 1983 AMC Eagle Wagon in Fargo, ND  (Read 904 times)

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FS: 1983 AMC Eagle Wagon in Fargo, ND
« on: February 06, 2017, 07:32:18 PM »
Year: 1983
Mileage: Just under 70k
Price: $1,500

I have owned this vehicle for just over 5 years now and am something like the 3rd owner. I use to just use it for a daily to and from work or whenever we got a lot of snow but now I have a new Subaru for that so it's time to get rid of this. The starter and alternator were replaced 2 years ago and I put a double pulley on the alternator to bypass the ac compressor. Replaced the starter solenoid and battery a week ago. It has 3 new tires on it as those 3 were completely shot, I haven't gotten around to getting a 4th on it. It's got the normal eagle things broken (both front outside door handles, and the hood release handle you need to use pliers to grab it and pull it) the cars been reliable for me over the years, and still works great getting through winter storms. It does have some surface rust on it which you can see in the pictures, I haven't noticed any rust underneath but I can try and get under there and see if I can grab a couple pics.

All the hub caps are there, the other 3 are in the rear along with some miscellaneous interior pieces that were repainted (original matching blue color) interior is kind of messy thanks to having kids and not having ambition to clean it out while it's cold out.
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