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Author Topic: Eagle jacket update...  (Read 1707 times)

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Eagle jacket update...
« on: October 16, 2011, 09:08:14 PM »
Checking the thread and told was 120 days old so here is a new one...

Regalwizard -- cool to see my bumpersticker on your signature... It's an AMC Thing... No One Understands.  Still have some left.

Seeing the talk about the jacket and use of the Eagle logo prompted me to contribute that I have also been using that logo on items for a few years now.  Available on t-shirts, hats, mugs, mouse pads, etc.  Along with the possibility to put YOUR car pics on items also.  Also NEW this year is laser wood carving plaques of your car, logo key rings and even logo ear rings and necklace pendants.

Been doing graphics and printing since 1980. AMC items since 1998.  Currently working on 2012 AMC Calendars on AMC Forum and certainly offer stands here too.  Folks sending me pics to place in a calendar.  Calendar pages list a variety of AMC historical dates.  Also noting AMC events/shows coming up, building as we go along.

In process now of collecting pictures from folks.  Then will post pics on my website and those wanting to have a 2012 Calendar of AMCs, go to the website, you choose the pictures you want on your calendar, we make it and ship it.  Definately want some Eagles too.  As I have 82 Concord T5 wagon, what an Eagle is when they forget the 4WD!

Those contributing pictures for the calendar will receive a free calendar for the use of the pictures.  Noted that I will need to sell a couple calendars before starting to send out the free ones (but they will come before the new year).  Being out of work relized cannot send out couple dozen free ones yet.

Full color photos, owners noted on each picture, b&w calendar date pages, coil bound, punched ready to hang.  Let me know IF interested in calendar or any other great gift ideas for your AMC lover in time for Christmas.

javelinman74 @ hotmail . com
www . a 70s thing automobilia . com

Its an AMC thing...
      No one understands!


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