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Body Shop / Re: power window s
« Last post by vangremlin on Today at 10:47:40 AM »
With a little help from the search gods, here is the link to the thread about using a power seat cable on an Eagle power window.  Many thanks to member ammachine390 for posting the thread.  Good luck!
Under the Hood & HVAC / Re: air pump delete
« Last post by masternull on Yesterday at 10:19:56 PM »
thanks! ill put in a "looking for" post
Question and Answer / Rust issues
« Last post by luvmyeagle on Yesterday at 04:28:01 PM »
I was wondering if there was anyone in central to northern wv or southern ohio that could do some framework repairs on my 85 eagle wagon. I was told the situation did not look good as there was lots of rust around upper control arms both sides and underneath rocker panels. It's heartbreaking to think of letting my buddy go after all these years as I bought him new. Bodywise it's almost perfect and likewise with the engine. I've been told not much hope but any suggestions you guys could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Project Cars / Re: 84 sedan project (beginners luck)
« Last post by Murdoc1905 on Yesterday at 01:06:43 AM »
Ah, I see, well that's good to know for sure. I'll definitely double check the vacuum lines going to this to make sure they are good.
Project Cars / Re: 84 sedan project (beginners luck)
« Last post by amcfool1 on Yesterday at 12:17:19 AM »
hi, those are 10" and 4" vacuum switches. they tell the computer when manifold vac drops or rises, and the computer reacts accordingly. Sort of an early TPS, throttle position sensor. gz
Project Cars / Re: 84 sedan project (beginners luck)
« Last post by Murdoc1905 on June 22, 2018, 11:01:24 PM »
Yep, I'll slowly replace the internal components over time, but for now they function pretty well.
Did some cleaning up, removed that leaky heater hose and replaced it, am waiting on vacuum tubing to start swapping bad lines out, attempting to change everything that I can to 1 size. This will probably end horribly but oh well. I also tracked down my radio and amp issue and realized why it was removed.

I attached them all and the radio "worked" the front speakers were blown, and any volume adjustment caused horrid crackling noises lol. I'm pretty sure the contacts or something on the head unit is bad as most of the dials to adjust bass mid and treb cause speakers to cut in and out. But the amp works beautifully, and the added speakers in the back still sound clean.

It's still kind of a shame to lose a period correct radio, but I'm not sure what I can do to fix it.
On a final note, out of curiosity, does anyone know what these are?

The green and yellow things. They are on the passenger side right by the strut tower.
Project Cars / Re: 84 sedan project (beginners luck)
« Last post by mudkicker715 on June 22, 2018, 08:13:12 PM »
Looks intact though, and functional however.
Project Cars / Re: 84 sedan project (beginners luck)
« Last post by Murdoc1905 on June 21, 2018, 09:12:31 PM »

Look at them dirty brakes!
Under the Hood & HVAC / Re: AC will not engage idle control
« Last post by AMC of Houston on June 21, 2018, 12:43:44 AM »
This is a learning experience!   I think I got a clue (finally).   After wading thru more manuals, and checking my AMC parts books; I discovered that there is no A/C relay!!   Its simply the micro switch on the dash A/C control unit that triggers the compressor clutch circuit.
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